Order of the Bride – Gordi – Ariela – Part-1



Order of the Bride

A gorgeous, busty MILF is a widow since her husband died recently. He was old, and she only married him for money, so she wasn’t much upset when he died. On the contrary, now she was free to fuck young, handsome guys as much as she wants. One day, she found a website through which she could order a gigolo to her house. She found her perfect lover, but when the doorbell rang, she got an unpleasant surprise. The guy who came was not the one she thought would come. He was skinny and not very attractive. She went upstairs to call the agency and tell them that they sent the wrong guy, but the guy followed her to her bedroom. There he took out his dick. When the MILF saw how big and hard it was! she didn’t care anymore that he was not the one she was hoping for. She grabbed the prick in her hand! gave him a kiss, and then kneeled in front of him and started giving him a blowjob. She pulled down her dress and showed her gorgeous big tits! and since she didn’t wear panties at all, she played with her trimmed pussy. The naked bride told him placing his cock between her breasts and pressing them together gripping him tightly. She started to move her big boobs up and down the length of his cock. After that, the woman went on a bed and let him bang her rough and hard, putting one leg over his shoulder. She rode the dick like a cowgirl and fucked hardcore in the doggy style pose before he came all over her face and made her clean his dick by licking every single drop of cum. After that! she begged him to come again and fuck her the way she likes it.

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